About SecurAX

SecurAX is a real-time SaaS-based workforce management solution that allows organizations to track, measure, monitor, analyse and manage workforce metrics such as attendance, Absence management and productivity. At Securax, we transform workforce management in enterprises with real time workforce management solution built for the evolving global workforce.

With a pan-India presence and a footprint in the Middle East, we have helped over 400,000 employees  in 1500 enterprises, across 8 countries, optimize productivity and improve cost efficiencies.



Co-founder and CEO

Managed large teams and business growth at marquee IT companies such as Mphasis & Infosys. Prasanna is the strategist and go-to guy for execution.

Co-founder and COO

Praveen is an expert in Enterprise Software systems and manages the Middle-East operations at SecurAX.

VP, Service Delivery

Obulaprasad is an expert in Identity Management and Physical Security having garnered similar experience at Cisco and Infosys. He is responsible for project execution and customer relationship at SecurAX.