Construction Industry

Construction Industry

Challenges Faced by Construction Industry

Managing a construction site is very challenging with thousands of employees, multiple access points and a floating workforce with several sub-contractors. They are riddled with inefficiencies and systems that are unable to cope with their pain points.

Proxy / buddy punching leading to productivity loss

Security breach with anytime access to unauthorized personnel

Ineffective absence management

Inability to track the costing of workforce across multiple projects / sites or identify the effort spent on a “job” and forecasting the requirement by “job” type [Job costing]

“Ghost” employees and corresponding salary leakage

Inaccurate payroll leading to leakages and pilferage

How SecurAX Can Help

SecurAX can help construction industry with better management of their on-site operations with biometric site access control systems.

Centralized Attendance tracking for Employees

Biometric system powered by face / fingerprint readers for entry of authorized personnel

On-site biometric device can be connected to on-site computers or wider cloud-based devices

Easier to track people movements and for time and attendance reporting

Eliminating the need for physical supervision

Facial recognition systems specially for construction site workers for better authentication and increased throughput

Benefits for Construction sites using SecurAX Workforce Management Systems

Automated, easy and simplified process for attendance tracking

Savings through minimized Payroll leaks

Forecast staff availability and requirements for peak seasons or events

Enhanced on-site security with entry for authorized personnel only

Ability to forecast project costs by job-type [e.g. electrical v/s carpentry v/s plumbing, etc.)

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