Retail Industry

Retail Industry

Challenges Faced by Retailers

Managing a retail store or warehouse has its unique challenges that need to be addressed given the large number of employees, sub-contractors and staff and multiple locations.

Distributed workforce across multiple locations having different work timings & holidays

No centralized data / information collection and analysis

Complex operations & limitations with biometric devices

Inability to track the costing of workforce across multiple stores / warehouses

Ineffective absence management leading to salary costs pilferage

How SecurAX Can Help

SecurAX can help retail companies with simplified tracking, monitoring and movement control of employees with cloud based plug-and-play workforce tracking systems.

Centralized Attendance tracking for Employees

Real-time authentication of employees across locations

Facial recognition systems specially for better authentication and increased throughput

Easy to use biometrics scanner with pre-registration of employees and staff

Benefits of Retail companies using SecurAX Workforce Management Systems

Easy and simplified process for attendance tracking & Payroll

Improved monitoring of employees and staff including sub-contractors across multiple locations

Accurate information available on real-time basis anytime, anywhere and on any device

Ability to forecast project costs by job-type [e.g. electrical v/s carpentry v/s plumbing, etc.)

Provide greater security of stores / warehouses

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