Enterprise Workforce Management Solutions

Enterprise Workforce Management Solutions

Increase Organizational Efficiency With Better Workforce Management

Organizations of today work with challenges that range from a distributed workforce in different locations, contractual workers and different time zones among others. SecurAX workforce management solution is a full feature, multi-functional, workforce management solution that can help you manage scale and efficiencies of your workforce, efficiently.
Our real-time SaaS-based solution allows organizations to track, measure, monitor, analyse and manage workforce metrics such as attendance, Absence management and productivity

Industry Leaders Trust Us With Their Workforce Management

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Achive scale, Efficency and
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Integrated SaaS based horizontal solution
10X more economical
Cutting-edge technologies helps optimize enterprise productivity

Benefit From SecurAX Workforce Management Solution

  • Cloud-based Plug and play - go live quickly
  • Ease-of-access - anytime, anywhere access by native Android and iOS mobile app
  • Lowers Total Cost of Ownership – TCO reduces by more than 50% over 5 years
  • Flexibility - pay-as-you-go pricing model 
  • Savings - allows up to 5% monthly savings in Payroll expenses

Our solutions are used in many industries

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